Full Moon, Full Moon Tarot Spread


Everything I’m hearing about this full moon is that emotions are going to be released and to surrender resistance. Well, that should make for a fun holiday. People are going to be chatty yet irritable and cranky. Sometimes a release, even if its an emotional rampage, is just what a person or situation needs. A lot of people bottle things up for fear of being mocked for their feelings and sometimes it starts boiling over. Which is why I’m actually glad that the Moon is in the position it is right now.

This cycle is such an emotional roller coaster and its not even over yet. I find myself hibernating more and more as the days grow darker and the past week I’ve cried more times than I care to admit (which is why the palmistry 101 was postponed sorry!!) Even through my emotional breakdown Ive been ardently working on my intentions from the New Moon. I have such a long way to go, but its a start and a major improvement in how I want to live my life.

My intentions were for me, they were to make myself live in a more positive way. I wanted to have a little more self love. I wanted to believe that I was good enough and that just because I can compare myself to others doesn’t mean I should. I need to listen to my spirit and have confidence that I’m where I’m supposed to be right now. Since setting those intentions I find myself out and about in the world and catch myself being in a negative state of mind, or worrying about what certain people think about me. I’ve known that it was an unhealthy way to live my life yet I’ve done since I could remember.

In my Moon bowl I placed jewelry to charge, both malas and necklaces as well as stones and intention bottles to carry and wear. Some of these items will also be placed in my winter bundle. The Lunar Flow bundle ceremony sounds so simple but effective in adding layers onto myself for the winter. Considering this is a season of hibernating and retreating for me, adding layers to help work on myself during those times is so very much needed.

My whole space was for love, love for myself and compassion for others. I also put in a vial of spring water on my space so I can charge up some moon water for later cleansing uses. Tonight I’m going surround myself in warmth and in love.
Also! Here is the Full Moon spread for tonight as well!!



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